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Basit menüleriyle çocuklara kolayca sayıları ve harfleri öğreten bir oyun. Oyun bittikten sonra çocuğunuz ödüllendirilecek. Roxie's ABC Fish'in bu yeni versiyonuna kendi resimlerinizi oyuna katma özelliği de eklenmiş. English Description Roxie's ABC Fish for Windows 95/98/NT offers an enjoyable 3D animated edutainment game (see links to screenshots below) in which children easily learn their ABCs and numbers.  This alphabet and number recognition instruction program is a painless and fun way for children to learn their upper and lower case letters and numbers to 100.  Click on the link above to download our free alphabet and number recognition software today. You can now use your own images as part of this game! In an easy-to-use dialog, open, resize and crop your favorite images to use in Roxie's picture frame on the front screen. This feature allows Roxie's ABC Fish to be customized with images of your child, pet, art work, etc. In Roxie's ABC Fish, Roxie, a friendly, animated, talking cat, plays "Go Fish" with a child, but, instead of asking for a number, Roxie asks for an upper or lower case letter, or for a number from 0 to 100. Roxie gently guides the child in selecting the correct card. When a "Go Fish" game is completed, Roxie then sets up a a fun music-composing game with singing 'Grumps'. This game was designed to teach preliminary music concepts while the child is having fun exploring this musical environment The child picks up a musical note by clicking once on the whole, half or quarter note at the bottom of the screen and moves it to a position on the staff, then clicks once more to place that note on the staff. After placing many notes on the staff the child clicks the "Play" button to hear their brand new song. To try something different with the same newly created song, they can then switch to a different "instrument" for a completely different sound


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