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Malware Avenger is a GUI for commercial and powerful command line virus scanners from McAfee, Sophos, EMSI and Ikarus who are intended as an ideal extension in addition to an already installed virus scanner. To achieve a maximum of security concerning malware like viruses, trojans, worms, etc., it is no longer sufficent to rely on just one virus scanner since none of the existing virus scanners is able to detect 100% of all malware. A parallel installation of multiple virus scanners causes issues and is under no circumstances recommended. This is the point where Malware Avenger is entering the arena. Malware Avenger is a GUI for high-quality command line virus scanners from vendors like McAfee, Sophos, Emsi (a-squared) and Ikarus and aims to be a very useful extension in addition to an installed virus scanner. Moreover Malware Avenger is portable and can be carried on a flash drive to use it in conjunction with a boot cd to eliminate malware from an already infected system.
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