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Easily print Code25 bar codes as a font Contains 4 different Code 25 font versions (for Embedded I/O and FPGA) TrueType, OpenType and PostScript font versions are included Compatible with Microsoft® Windows®, Pocket PC, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux and others Supports Non-Interleaved Version, AKA Code 2 of 5 and other specifications based on Code 25 Custom BDF, FON, AFP, Xerox Metacode, XES and FNT fonts can also be created with the Developer s License and one year of support.Industrial Code 2 of 5 Barcode Symbology Information:The Industrial Code 2 of 5 barcode is a low density numeric barcode that does not require a checksum. It is a non-interleaved barcode that is easier to print than the Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode because check digits are not required. If you are interested in the high density Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode, please visit our Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode font site.The symbology of the Industrial Code 2 of 5 character set consists of bar code symbols representing the numbers 0-9, the start character and the stop character. In the code 2 of 5 font, the parentheses are used for start and stop characters. For example, to scan the numbers 1234, you need to type and print (1234)Code 2 of 5 Bar Code Font Features:The Industrial Code 2 of 5 barcode fonts are scaleable and should be printed at the correct font size to suit your application and scanning equipment. The code 2 of 5 barcode font was designed to be printed at 6 to 20 points with a minimum font size of 6 points, however, you can print smaller point sizes if your printer and scanning equipment support it. Four versions of the Code 2 of 5 barcode fonts are provided to support different width and height requirements. The last character in the Code 2 of 5 barcode font name determines the height of the barcode with the shortest being IDAutomationC25XS and the tallest being IDAutomationC25L. To determine which Code 2 of 5 barcode font to use, first print out the IDAutomationC25XS barcode font at 10 or 12 points and determine which size is the smallest that will work with your scanning equipment. Then, choose the tallest version that will fit in your scanning area. TrueType fonts are supplied in PC and Macintosh format. The TrueType TTF fonts are compatible with Macintosh OS X and all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Pocket PC. With the purchase of a Developer License and a 1 year subscription of the Priority Support and Upgrade, we can convert fonts from this package to PCL 4, Xerox Metacode, XES, FNT, BDF, FON and AFP.. Barcode, MICR & OCR Fonts, Components,Applications, Scanners & Printers at AdvanceMeants. AdvanceMeants is a developer of automation and barcode products including ActiveX Barcode Control, Barcode Fonts, Java Servlets, Class Libraries, Javabeans, Barcode Scanners, Components, Encoders & Other Development Tools.


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