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CPCI industry new produces

CPCI industry new produces

cPCI-3915 3U CompactPCI® Intel® Pentium® M/Celeron® M Processor SBC with Dual-GbE on PCI-Express® Features Low power consumption Intel® Celeron® M/Pentium® M processor up to 2.0 GHz Single SODIMM socket DDR2 400/533 MHz, up to 2 GB Dual PCI-Express® Gigabit Ethernet Multiple storage interfaces: Serial ATA , IDE, CompactFlash Supports high resolution, dual-channel, multiple display interfaces: CRT (up to 2048 x 1536), DVI (up to 165 MB/s), and LVDS (1 x 18 bpp) Extended temperature option
High-Speed Digital I/O; 64-bit PMC on CPCIX; LVDS or TTL Transceivers
CPCIX-HPDI32ALT: High-Speed Digital I/O; 64-bit PMC on CPCIX; LVDS or TTL Transceivers

The CPCIX-HPDI32ALT board provides a 64-bit 66MHz PCI interface capable of 400Mbytes/sec. The board is useful as a general-purpose DMA interface to a variety of external peripherals. The DMA engine is capable of transferring data to/ from Host memory using D64 block transfers, while the FIFO memory (up to One Mbytes of total FIFO) provides continuous transmission of data without interrupting the DMA transfers or requiring intervention from the Host CPU. The PMC64-HPDI32ALT is shipped on General Standards CPCIX-PMC64 Adapter allowing operation in high bandwidth PCIX Bus Systems upto 133MHz. The cable interface is flexible, transmits and receives data at up to 200M bytes/sec per second, and has 7 bi-directional programmable handshake lines to allow easy interfacing to most digital I/O peripherals.

Request a price and delivery quote on this product! Extended temperature versions are available for all products. Please contact us for more information! We feature free Windows and Linux drivers where available.

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Click here for software drivers for this product

Please contact GSC for availability of software drivers for this product

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