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3U CPU board

 3U CPU board

This card is especially designed for industrial automation, instrumentation, medical, telecommunications and other mission critical applications.

CPC502 is based on Intel® Pentium® M processor up to 1.8 GHz and has up to 1GB of RAM. Newest set of Intel 855GME/Hance Rapid ICH system logic guarantees unique performance of the card.

Two Gigabit Ethernet ports working through 66 MHz PCI-X local bus make this card ideally adapted for use in communication intensive applications.

CPU card has both SDRAM and solid-state disk soldered onboard. It allows systems to operate without any moving parts thus providing better shock/vibration resistance.

All mezzanine cards can be left or right mounted which allows the same set of cards to be used for both CompactPCI and PXI systems.

ATX power connector on mezzanine board allows 8HP system to be used as a fullfunctioning stand-alone "computing brick" without any backplane.

Smart temperature control system provides intelligent control of fan speed (if used), CPU clock and core voltage to achieve optimal thermal conditions for CPU card.

There is 32K nonvolatile RAM where user application can save critical data if power fails. CPC502 also has 64K EEPROM memory for user applications.

Opto-isolated Reset port can be used in distributed or redundant systems to receive Reset signal from remote location.

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