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TaleWorlds Entertainment Mount and Blade 1.143

lisans: Deneme Sürümü
Hit(Buay):2 Hit 723
Tarih: 2013-06-19
5 / 5
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Güncelleyen: Ahmet BAYIR Son güncelleme 2 Yıl önce
eski çağ askerleriyle savaş oyunları arayanların kaçırmaması gereken bir oyun. Mount & Blade is a classical RPG which offers a lot of nice features such as horseback fighting and army battles. This demo version lets you play your very own character up to level 6. The gameplay is really great and never gets boring because there are a lot of mods available for Mount & Blade. Mods like the 300 mod (spartans) or StarWars modifications or even Lord of the Rings mods make this game very special.

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